gestopt met roken

Unhealthy relationships.

The big problem with smoking is that it's very, very hard to quit. It feels like you're breaking up with your relationship you’ve had for a very very long time and it makes it even worse when you see your ex everywhere.

To help people go through this difficult time we’ve come up with the idea, to help people get over their unhealthy break-up. We’ve made a ‘break up album', with some very relatable lyrics. Also, we came up with a Facebook feature right underneath your relationship status that shows to your FB friends that you just quit smoking. And we added a service that will erase all the cigarettes from your pictures so that you are not constantly reminded of you dear old ex.  If the smoking areas close by 2020, they could temporarily be turned into karaoke rooms, so everyone can get through this hard time together.

I did this brief together met Charlotte Verweij.